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Kancelaria r. Pr. Paweł Oziębłowski, as one of the few law firms on the market, specializing in conducting proceedings and servicing persons and entities affected as a result of:

  • online banking fraud (eg: frauds on OLX, Allegro, fake online stores);
  • theft of funds from bank accounts;
  • the effects of events causing financial losses using malicious software (eg infected false invoices with malicious software);
  • frauds using social engineering techniques (eg substitution of an incorrect bank account number in the invoice;
  • Nigerian scams (Nigerian Scam, for example, fees for inherited alleged inheritance, support given to a political refugee);
  • financial losses in banks due to identity theft.

If you think that you or your loved ones could fall victim to an attack consisting of:

  • skimming – scanning of the ATM card (usually abroad) – as a result of which you have lost funds from the card’s bank account,
  • malware (malware); a malicious application on your device, e.g. phone, computer – as a result of which you have lost access to your data and bank accounts and have lost money;
  • encrypting your computer or your data on a computer (ransomware);
  • intimidation and extortion of ransom in cryptovalues ​​or other payment means (ransomware);
  • criminals have used the cash loan offer obtained online;
  • manipulation by unknown perpetrators pretending to be known to you, eg via Facebook;
  • manipulation by a family member who, without your knowledge, used the funds accumulated on the bank account;

If you have received:

  • an invoice you did not expect (SCAM);
  • the invoice you expected, but has a different invoice number than previous invoices (Business Email Compromise (BEC));
  • SMS with a request to pay the missing surcharge, e.g. PLN 1 for a courier service (SMiShing);

As a result, you have made a payment, which did not belong to the recipient, contact us immediately.
If you want to consult us, dispel your doubts, request a report, get legal advice in this or a similar matter – please contact us.
We know the requirements of customers and their expectations. As a client, you will have an influence on the actual solution of problems and you will have the possibility of a joint discussion with experts from various fields.
We have experience in the field of court and pre-litigation disputes with banking institutions and telecommunications operators in the scope of their liability for damage.
The time of filing counts for us. The sooner you come to us, the more likely you will regain your lost funds.

Describe your situation, we will be able to advise you.
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